In 1989, The United Methodist church revamped our United Methodist Hymnal and also released a supplemental book called The Faith We Sing, which contained additional music that did not make it into the Hymnal. I love that phrase, The Faith We Sing. For so many of us, our faith has been taught, reinforced, and internalized by hymns and modern worship songs. When we go through a difficult life situation, we remember the lyrics or even the tune of one of these acts of worship and are strengthened by them. 

This summer, we are going to have a sermon series called The Faith We Sing. Each Sunday in June and July, we will hear the backstory, the scriptural inspiration, or the cultural importance behind some of our favorite hymns and other songs. Here is where you come in, AFUMC church family: we need you to help us decide which songs to include in this series. Below, you will find a link to a Google Form that will allow you to submit your favorite song and to share why it is so special for you. The most suggested songs will be the ones that make up our series. Please join us in sharing the music that is so special to us as individuals with the entire congregation!